CellDesigner Help

Create a Protein

A protein cannot be created independently. It is created indirectly and automatically through creation of SpeciesAlias.

To create a Protein

  1. From the Species Toolbar, select a Protein icon (first four icons from the left).
    Species Toolbar
  2. On the Draw Area, click on the position you want to place the Protein.
  3. In the Name of the species dialog, type in a name. It will become the name of the Protein.
  4. If you specify the same name for a new protein as the existing protein, it will be interpreted by the CellDesigner that a new SpeciesAlias of the same Species has been added.

  5. All the Proteins created can be viewed in the Proteins list in the List Area.

To add residues to a Protein

Create a Modification Residue/Region

To change the identity of a Protein

"Change identity of the species" dialog

To edit the protein

"Protein" dialog

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