CellDesigner Help

Main Window

Main Window consists of Menu, Toolbars, and the five Areas as shown below.

Main Window

Main Window

Resize the Areas

To change the area size

  1. The size of the Areas can be changed by dragging the borderlines.
  2. To maximize the Area, click the triangle icons on the borders.
    (See the orange circles in the above screen.)

To move the position of List and Notes Areas

  1. In the Menu, select View - List.
  2. Select Right or Down.

To customize Toolbars

  1. Each Toolbar (a group of icons) can be detached from Toolbars.
  2. A Toolbar can also be moved to the side (left or right) or the bottom of the Main Window by dragging the handle.

To show/hide Toolbar

  1. In the Menu, select View - Change Toolbar Visible.
  2. Specify which Toolbar to display/hide.
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