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CellDesigner is being developed by the Systems Biology Institute (SBI), Tokyo, Japan.


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The Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo, Japan
E-Mail: info at sbi.jp

Core Members

Hiroaki Kitano (kitano at sbi.jp), Ph.D.,was the head of the Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project of JST ERATO-SORST, and is the founder and president of the Systems Biology Institute In Tokyo, Japan.

Akira Funahashi (funa at bio.keio.ac.jp), Ph.D. in Computer Science, is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Biosciences and Informatics at Keio University. He was previously a researcher in the Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, JST ERATO-SORST. and the SBI. His research interests include the areas of computational biology, systems biology, interconnection networks, and parallel processing.

Akiya Jouraku, Ph.D. in Computer Science, was a Research Assistant in the Dept. of Biosciences and Informatics at Keio University, Japan. He is a developer of libSBML and KEGG2SBML.

Norihiro Kikuchi of Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co. Ltd.

Samik Ghosh, Ph.D. in Computer Science, of SBI

Yukiko Matsuoka (myukiko at sbi.jp),
SBI , former member of Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, JST ERATO-SORST,


Many thanks to the users who kindly provided us bug reports and feature requests!


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