CellDesigner 4.4.2 Mac installer updated for Catalina Support (2020/3/30)

CellDesigner 4.4.2 is now available (2019/05/20)

CellDesigner on Garuda platform (2017/2/14) Garuda enabled Ver4.4 is available as Ver4.4.1 Win / Mac.

PhysioDesigner 1.0 is available. PhysioDesigner can embed CellDesigner's SBML model into its multilevel physiological PHML model. (2014/08/01)

CellDesigner 4.4 is now available (2014/07/12)


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CellDesignerTM: A modeling tool of biochemical networks

Current Release Version: CellDesigner 4.4.2
macOS Catalina and Ubuntu 18.04 support + Plugin APIs enhances + BioModels new API support + Garuda enabled + bug fixes. find out more...

aCellDesigner 4.4.2

You do not have to install JVM separately as it is included in the installer.

Note on log4j: CellDesigner uses log4j version 1.2.16 which is not affected by the security vulnerability; https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/security.html

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What is CellDesignerTM


CellDesigner is a structured diagram editor for drawing gene-regulatory and biochemical networks. Networks are drawn based on the process diagram, with graphical notation system proposed by Kitano, and are stored using the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML), a standard for representing models of biochemical and gene-regulatory networks. Networks are able to link with simulation and other analysis packages through Systems Biology Workbench (SBW). CellDesigner supports simulation and parameter scan by an integration with SBML ODE Solver, SBML Simulation Core and Copasi.
By using CellDesigner, you can browse and modify existing SBML models with references to existing databases, simulate and view the dynamics through an intuitive graphical interface.

CellDesigner is free to use >> License text

How to Cite CellDesigner

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