CellDesigner 4.4.2

Download CellDesigner CellDesigner Ver.4.4.2 :
macOS Mojave and Ubuntu 18.04 support + Plugin APIs enhances + BioModels new API support + Garuda enabled
+ bug fixes.

Note on log4j: CellDesigner uses log4j version 1.2.16 which is not affected by the security vulnerability; https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/security.html

Major Features:

[New Features]

[Updates in CellDesigner 4.4.2]

[Bug Fixes in CellDesigner 4.4.2]

[Known problems]

File Compatibilities

When you read the files created by lower version of CellDesigner,
CellDesigner 4.4.2 validates the file using libSBML consistency check utility.

  1. Open a file created by lower version of CellDesinger.
  2. Compartment's size attributes are automatically updated.
  3. File conversion needed dialog is open.
    "The file seems to be created by lower version of CellDesigner.
    Do you want to convert this model to work with the current version?"

  4. The file is converted and open with CellDesigner4.4.2.

With CellDesigner 4.0:

Due to the CellDesigner 4.0 new notation scheme, the following components are no longer supported.
Please edit the original files and redraw them with 4.2 components.


For details on installation procedure, check here.

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