CellDesigner Help

Simulation by COPASI

To setup COPASI to use with CellDesigner

  1. Visit the Copasi web site.
  2. Download the Language Binding for Java (e.g. copasi_java_win32_buildxx.zip for Windows 32bit).
  3. Extract the downloaded file.
  4. In the extracted folder, find
    • CopasiJava.dll for Windows
    • libCopasiJava.jnilib for MacOS X
    • libCopasiJava.so for Linux.
  5. Copy the file into the CellDesigner's root folder.

To simulate a model with COPASI

  1. Open the sample file "MAPK.xml".
  2. On the Simulation menu, select COPASI GUI.
  3. Copasi Time Course Simulation dialog will open.
  4. Change Duration value to "1000".
    Copasi Time Course Simulation dialog
  5. Click Run.
  6. In the Time Course Result window, compare the result with that obtained via ControlPanel in the section "Simulation using the ControlPanel".
    Time Course Result
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