CellDesigner Tutorial for Simulation

This tutorial was developed by Dr. Richard Adams of Centre for Systems Biology, University of Edinburgh.

The aim of this tutorial is to explain how to get started with CellDesigner, and to gain familiarity with SBGN notation. This tutorial was presented at the EraSysBio summer school 2010 to a group of mainly wet-lab scientists involved in systems biology projects, with no previous experience with SBGN or CellDesigner.
The first part of the tutorial explains how to draw a simple feedback loop, and we explain how to add rate equations and run simulations for this model.
The second part involves  drawing a more complex pathway, which introduces a wider range of SBGN graphical elements.
This tutorial was originally used with CellDesigner 4.1.


The presentation and sample files for the tutorials can be downloadable from here.


Dr Richard Adams
Centre For Systems Biology Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh
email : richard.adams at ed.ac.uk

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