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2010 Oct 6 update
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What is PAYAO?

Payao aims to enable a community to work on the same models simultaneously, insert tags to the specific parts of the model, exchange comments, record the discussions and eventually update the models accurately and concurrently.Payao reads the models in SBML Systems Biology Markup Language ( format, displays them with CellDesigner, a process diagram editor ( which complied with the SBGN Systems Biology Graphical Notation (, and provides an interface for adding tags and comments to the models for the community members.

PAYAO Major Features:
Community Management:
- User access control
Model Management:
- Register SBML models to the system
- View the list of all the registered models
- Manage MyModels, and FavoriteModels
- View SBML models in CellDesigner 4.0 notation
- View “Notes” added by CellDesigner 4.0
- Add Tags (keywords, links, pubMed IDs, free text) to the target (Species/Reactions, user-defined components and areas)
- Add comments to the tags

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Payao model list
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