CellDesigner 4.0 beta

Download CellDesigner CellDesigner 4.0 beta is the new Graphical Notation preview version.
There are several new features and changes in CellDesigner 4.0 beta. Your feedback on the new functions are most welcome.
* Please note that this is the beta version, newly implemented features may not be fully functional.
* If you create/edit a file with this beta version, your model will not be able to open with the lower version of CellDesigner.

Major New Features:

Graphical Notation:

CellDesigner 4.0 beta now enables you to preview for the new graphical notation conform to SBGN Level 1 draft. (*click to enlarge the upper right image.)

Macro Function:

KineticLaw Editor:

Control Panel:



User Interface Enhancements:

Layer Function (previsionary)



New Installer is being adopted. For details on installation procedure, check here.

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