CellDesigner 3.0

Download CellDesignerCellDesigner 3.0 implements a new graphical notation that enhanced previous process diagram into gene and RNA, as well as protein complex structures.

New Graphical Notations

Version 3.0 implements most part of notations described in Kitano, et al., "Using process diagram for the graphical representation of biological networks," Nature Biotechnology, August 2005.
*The examples in the above paper are included as the sample files and many more.

Note: For those who have been using CellDesigner 2.X
The function to create or to release heteromultimers has been replaced by more general form of complex formation. By "complex" you will get boundary of the complex and you can either put proteins or take out protein. (See the middle section of the example on the right)

Edit and Layout functions Enhancements

Running Simulation with Control Panel

The “Control Panel”, introduced in CellDesigner Version 2.5, is designed to assist the users to simulate directly from CellDesigner controlling the amounts and parameters of the Species.

Calling SBML ODE Solver directly from CellDesigner, ControlPanel enables you to specify the details of parameters, changing amount, conducting parameter search, and interactive simulation with intuitive manner.

See also: "Running Simulation with Control Panel" (PDF version)

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