Import Models of BioModels.Net

You can import annotated models from BioModels.net database directly via [database] menu. (supported since Ver3.1 -)

Note Cannot connect to BioModels.net?
Check your network configuration. The technology CellDesigner uses to import models from BioModels.net is a simple HTTP connection. It may not work if you have set a proxy settings on your PC (but it may depend on your OS), or the network configuration at your institute.

Note 2009 Dec Error "SBML Level 2 version 3 is not supported"
Recent models in BioModels.net are in SBML Level 2 Version 3 format. Current CellDesigner 4.0.1 can import up to SBML Level 2 Version 1. Please wait for the coming release of CellDesigner to import the SBML Level 2 version 3 models.

Test results of models from BioModels.net

Note that there are some models which have problems in simulating with CellDesigner. As the models on the BioModels.net are periodically updated, the status may change in the near future.


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