CellDesigner Help

Change the shape of a Compartment

The shape of the CompartmentAlias can be changed to either Square or Round.

To change the shape of a CompartmentAlias:

  1. Select the target CompartmentAlias.
  2. In the Menu, select Component, then Change to Oval or Change to Square

Since CellDesigner identifies the Compartment only by its name, the change in the shpe of its Alias does not affect the logical structure of a model.
That is, the Compartment will remain the same even though the shape of its CompartmentAlias is changed.
However, when the change in CompartmentAilas shape affects the positional relation with other components, the inclusive relation in a model will be re-established.

The shape of a partial close-up type cannot be changed once drawn. It is because, if the shape were allowed to change, the inclusive relation would unexpectedly changed.
If you want to change its shape, delete it, then redraw a new one.

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