CellDesigner Help

SBGN Viewer

With the SBGN Viewer, you can readily obtain an SBGN graphical representation for the model created with the CellDesigner.

CellDesigner’s SBGN Viewer adopts the SBGN Process Diagram Level 1 draft as of May 2008.

For Windows Users: Some functions may not work with the UAC (User Account Control) enabled. As of the time of beta release, the Convert to SBGN Viewer function fails in some Windows versions. In that case, please try again with the UAC disabled.

To view a model with the SBGN Viewer

  1. Open a model.
  2. On the View menu, select Convert to SBGN Viewer.
  3. On the Draw Area, a new diagram with the tag name [SBGNViewer] <original file name> opens.

Difference in graphical notations---CellDesigner and SBGN Viewer

There are some differences in graphical representation between the two. Below are some samples of the difference.

Difference in activated state
  CellDesigner SBGN Viewer
Protein (Generic) activated Protein Generic activated (CD) Protein Generic activated (SBGN Viewer(
Protein (Ion Channel) activated Ion Channel activated (CD) Ion Channel activated (SBGN Viewer)
Difference in Species shapes
  CellDesigner SBGN Viewer
Protein (Receptor) Receptor (CD) Receptor (SBGN Viewer)
Protein (Truncated) Truncated (CD) Truncated (SBGN)
Protein (Ion Channel) Ion Channel (CD) Ion Channel (SBGN Viewer)
Antisense RNA Antisense RNA (CD) Antisense RNA (SBGN Viewer)
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