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Edit the contents of Species (The Species dialog)

The properties of Species added to <Species> by creation of SpeciesAlias can be checked in the Species list window.

ID of each Species is assigned automatically by CellDesigner, and the name is attached in accordance with the name specified at creation of SpeciesAlias. (In the case of the Protein, the same name as a Protein is assigned to the Species) .

To set more detail attributes to the Species

  1. Open the Species dialog by:
    • In the List Area, click the Species tab and double-click on a Species in the list.
    • Or, in the Draw Area, right-click on a Species, then select Edit Species.
  2. The Species dialog will popup to edit the contents of each Species.
  3. Each item in this dialog is an item defined as an SBML model.

    the reference at http://sbml.org/.

    The following items cannot be edited in the dialog: id, name, and compartment.
    They are managed by CellDesigner to keep the consistency with the state of the network diagram.

    There are items which can be edited directly in-line in the list area. (those you can edit by the key.)
    When you click on the attributes in the list area and cannot input directly, double-click it to open the dialog to edit such attributes.

    If you are in the Select Mode, i.e. the Select Mode icon () in the Toolbar is selected, you can open the Species dialog by pressing "shift" + double-clicking on a Species.

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