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Draw a Reaction

A Reaction can be created by connecting the SpeciesAliases.

ReactionLink = BaseLink + ReactantLink + ProductLink + ModificationLink

To draw a Reaction

  1. Select a Reaction icon from the Reaction Toolbar.
  2. Click a starting SpeciesAlias.
  3. Click an ending SpeciesAlias.
  4. The ReactionLink will be added.
  5. The first SpeciesAliases will be positioned on the Reactant side, then the latter one will become the Product side. The logic of the connection is the same when you connect more than three SpeciesAliases.
  6. Once a new ReactionLink is created on Canvas, a Reaction which logically corresponds to it will also be created and added to the logic structure in a model.
  7. You can view such logical Reactions in the Reactions list in the List Area. As the ReactionLink has no alias structure, one ReactionLink which is shown on Canvas is the substance of a Reaction in the Reactions list.
  8. By adding a ModificationLink, ReactantLink, or ProductLink to a ReactionLink (BaseLink), they will become a part of the Reaction.

    Complexes and Reactions

Auto-adjustment by connected SpeciesAlias position change

When the connected SpeciesAlias is being moved, the ReactionLinks connected to it will be adjusted their position automatically. When the setting for the Connection Drawing is "Polyline", the last section of the ReactionLink will be affected. If the Connection Drawing is set to "orthogonal", the bend line position will be automatically adjusted.

Change Shape of Reaction

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