CellDesigner Help

Import Models from pantherdb.org

You can import models from pantherdb.org database via Database menu.

To import models from pantherdb.org

  1. In the Menu, select Database, then Import model from pantherdb.org...
  2. The pantherdb.org dialog opens.
  3. Select a model in the list and click Import.
  4. If libSBML Consistency Check dialog opens, read the message and click OK.
  5. If File conversion needed dialog opens, read the messsage and click Yes or Cancel. Even if you click Cancel, you can still open the model.
  6. If Notice dialog opens, just click OK.
  7. If Compartment's size attribute is undefined. dialog opens, click OK or No. Even if you click No, you can still open the model.
  8. The model will open.

Test results of models from BioModels.net

There are some models which have problems in simulating with CellDesigner. As the models on the BioModels.net are periodically updated, the status may change in the near future.

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