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To Save / Open the Results of Simulation (File I/O)

The result of a simulation is stored in three types of file: the model to be used (SBML), the parameters to be set (*.sim), and the simulation result (*.txt). The model (SBML) has a one-to-one correspondence with the parameters (*.sim).
For example, if you stored the results of two simulations run by model1.xml and newmodel.xml into the "models" directory, the contents of the directory will be:

+------------model1.xml (SBML)
+------------model1.sim (parameters setting for the model 1)
+------------[model1] (the result folder for the model 1)
+--------------result1.txt(simulation result 1)
+--------------result2.txt(simulation result 2)
+------------newmodel.xml(a new model)
+------------newmodel.sim(parameters setting for the new model)
+------------[newmodel](the result folder for the new model)
+-----------------result1.txt(simulation result 1)
+-----------------result2.txt(simulation result 2)

To save a simulation result into files:

  1. Select "Save As" from the "File" menu of “ControlPanel”.
  2. Enter the file name for a simulation result and click the "save" button.
  3. Then three types of file having extensions ".xml", ".sim", and ".txt" are created.

To open a result saved in files:

  1. Select "Open" from the File menu of CellDesigner.
  2. Select "SBML file" and click the "open" button.
  3. The corresponding ".sim" file and result files are automatically imported, so you can start the "ControlPanel" and see the result.
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