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Complexes and Reactions

On the Draw Area, a Complex is regarded as a SpeciesAlias (i.e. ComplexSpeciesAlias), so you can draw a Reaction to and from a Complex in the same way you draw one between ordinary SpeciesAliases.

A Reaction can be connected to a Complex or to an individual Species/Reaction inside the Complex. Thus, you can distinguish if the activation is initiated by the Complex, or by an individual Species inside the Complex.

You can draw a Reaction to/from a Complex or to/from a SpeciesAlias inside the Complex.

Note that even if you draw a Reaction to/from a SpeciesAlias inside a Complex, the Reaction relates to the Complex only. (as you can see in a compact view mode.)

Normal View

Compact View

The Reaction, however, retain the connection when you move the SpeciesAlias out of the Complex box.

Protein B is moved out of the Complex.

What is a Reaction?

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